Installing Boonex Dolphin – WAMP server

February 26, 2010

Hello friend.. I ma to give you a short step wise and an easy way to get your settings done before you go for your Boonex Dolphin installation.. Here are the installation settings that we are to deal with in your wamp server on localhost..

But before i could jort down the settings let me give you the link for Boonex and Wamp installations..

For Boonex –

For Wamp –

Once your downloads are done, lets install the Wamp and go with the below settings…

Start your wamp once its ready installed. This will get your wamp icon on the task bar below on your computer.

Click on the wamp icon with the left mouse button, select PHP->PHP settings-> where you have to select or check on the options “short open tag” and “allow url include”.

Then again go to PHP->PHP extensions-> and check the option “php_xsl if it is unchecked”.

Now in the wamp menu, select Apache-> Apache modules-> and here we have to select the “rewrite_module” option and let it be enabled as is shown below.

This is it.. we are done with the Wamp settings. Now finally just give a restart to your wamp as shown below.

Ok so we are done for once with the server settings of Wamp, now we have to unzip the downloaded dolphin to “C:\wamp\www\”. Once this is done lets go again to our Wamp at the taskbar and click on the “phpMyAdmin” from the list. This will open a window in your browser of our phpMyAdmin. This can also be done in yet another way by typing the url in our browser as “” which takes to our localhost dashboard and there you have  the “phpMyAdmin” click on it and you go in for the phpMyAdmin page.Here we have to create a database for our Boonex Dolphin website. Do this as is shown below in the screen shot..

Now lets get in with the real installing stuff of dolphin, so get your dolphin folder into the location as i said before C:\wamp\www\ and name it as “Dolphin” folder such that as you give the url on your browser we get it as shown below in the screen shots..

Then just follow the settings, some thing as shown in the below screens..

then the next step as is shown,

then the screen is like this..

finally this is where you get the cron job values which you have to copy and save it in a notepad file and have it for the future need..

then finally give a skip to this thus getting the screen as below..

now as instructed delete the install folder in our Dolphin folder and give refresh to our page on the browser..

yipee and there we have our site ready for working and customizing…

here on its a developers skill and talent that will get it done as per your need. Its all open source on boonex dolphin that allows you to make changes and tweaks as per your need.. have fun 🙂 🙂


5 Responses to “Installing Boonex Dolphin – WAMP server”

  1. UFC Says:

    Cool information. I will check back later when I get more time to read the entire site.

  2. zuilfqar Says:

    I tried to install dolphin on wampserver I am getting this error.
    safe_mode is On, disable it
    allow_url_include is On (warning, you should have this param in Off state, or your site will unsafe)
    Please go to the … ”
    how to correct it
    regards and thank you

  3. @zuilfqar:

    let me clear one of these errors, for – “allow_url_include is On (warning, you should have this param in Off state, or your site will unsafe)”,

    you need to left click on the wamp icon appearing the right pallet as you run wamp. In the list, you might find PHP, under that go in for PHP_Settings, and there you will find “allow_url_include”, just click once and disable it and you are done.

  4. Chlovesma Says:

    After installing wamp onto windows xp home, I’m having issues. I follow this step:

    Click on the wamp icon with the left mouse button, select PHP->PHP settings-> where you have to select or check on the options “short open tag” and “allow url include”.

    But when I click “short open tag” or “allow URL include” or anything for that matter I get an error, that says:
    “Could not execute menu item (internal error) [exception] Could not perform service action: The service has not been started”

    I have tried restarting services, stop services, start services…
    Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. waqar Says:

    on browser, which url will we open after creating dolphin_db.

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