Walking on the MOON!!

July 18, 2012

Might be wondering if i am to write on some space journey!! Let me end all your excitement with the picture below.

Yeah this is how the moon feel has been brought live in the name of road re laying. Early morning i started my day with freshness of a day starting after a drizzle all through the night. I was saying to myself – ‘Great day and in chennai a wonder that happens very rare.. sun was dull and it was a feel good’. And then came the OMG moment!!

As i walked along the road near to the Bus Termainal at my residence locality (Korattur) had a great picture in front. The road being re layed. My first word seeing this – what the HELL…!! (i can sound even bad). This was horrible, i don’t understand where were these guys laying the road when we had almost 6 months of dry summer. Why is that always these activities start as it starts drizzling climate?

And this follows a month of roads being un attended due to down pour of rain and by the time climate gets friendly the roads have already back to the so called Moon surface (I mean the craters.. nope the pits and cracks..). This really creates a great amount of discomfort for the office and school goers and all the mobility of traffic stops and slows down the spped of life.

No point in complaining, just lets make sure that we send this message and make every one to think on this – not only the moment we use the road. Spread the message and get a person to think about this.


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