Guitar illustration.. refreshing my hands on Photoshop :)

October 14, 2012

After a loooong time finally trying my hands on Photoshop . Just encountered a tutorial on creating a guitar illustration  Great week end spent doing something really good. This was the final result that i have got..

Adding up a step by step view till the end result:

Adding up some wood and shadow to the body,

Let me just make the body look more real like adding up the sound hole,

Now I am to make the Fret Board,

and now the Headstock,

adding up the Pegheads and Nuts (got these good and more realistic)

Time to add up on the Body, just getting the saddle and the Bridge done..

Then finally the strings to make the noise all the way,

The base came good and let me show a closer view of it,

the best part was the PEG tuners that have really came very realistic.. (Right click -> open in new tab, and have closer and clear look), is that not 3D looking 😉

Courtesy –  for the great tutorial. Thanks for the tutorial that helped me do this 🙂

Any one if require the source(PSD) please lemme know your mail address.

Thanks 🙂


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