Installing SQL Server 2008 R2 on your PC

October 27, 2012

I was just getting my SQL Server 2008 setup on my desktop for the second time and I had lots of confusions and the take off was never going good, finally was able to get it done. So decided to document the whole of the process step by step for others to make the best use of this.

As usual start up the set up clicking on the setup.exe file,

Then we have the installation wizard to follow by,

Go as per the screen shot, click on the installation to launch a new instance of the SQL server,

Get the Product key that comes with your pack and type it as shown,

Then list of setup rules appear, with an exception on the warning of the Firewall setup, which can be ignored and can be fixed once our setup is installed.

Then select the type of installation. Preferably ‘All Features with Default’ would be good to go with,

Let all the features be selected,

Instance configuration, let this be the default MSSQLSERVER,

For the server configuration set the Account types as below, which should be fine to go with and  let the start up type be Automatic,

In the Database Engine Configuration, lets have a mixed mode to enable both Windows and SQL Server authentication.

Either add the current user or can add a new user by clicking on ‘Add..’ and then click on ‘Advanced..’ followed by ‘Find Now’ and select the user as required.

In case of Analysis services Configuration similar users can be added following the same series of steps,

For Reporting Services Configuration select ‘Install native mode’,

And we are almost done, give Next and then Install..

We are done 🙂 and here appears the last screen of the installation showing the success message,

Please post your queries and comments and share to help someone.


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