pmcmd – Start a workflow from a task

January 31, 2013

Just to get back my touch on blog, going for a small article on something i just gave a try. Its a pretty easy and a quick to understand command. But for those who have never gave this a try here i go.

My aim was to get a particular worklet/Session to run in a workflow. Means like i want to run the workflow but not from the start task but some where from the middle. So i can just have a pmcmd command to do it as is below,

pmcmd startworkflow -u User_Name -p password_here -f FLD_name -startfrom WORKLET_name -wait WorkFlow_name

So this makes the command to kick start the Workflow “WorkFlow_name” from the task/Worklet “WORKLET_name” and wait command ensures the command task to run until the called WorkFlow_name completes.


3 Responses to “pmcmd – Start a workflow from a task”

  1. LEO Says:

    Thanks for the command.
    Service and domain names are missing:

    Command that works for me is :
    pmcmd startworkflow -sv -d -u -p -f -startfrom -wait


  2. sravi Says:

    Hi can we run single task using pmcmd? in interview somebody asked me this question? and suppose i have 4 sessions.i want to run from 3rd session onwards..can i use pmcmd for this?
    If it is how?

    • Yes Ravi, we can indeed run any single task which means any session, worklet, Timer or any task that you create in your workflow.
      These tasks can be run individually referring from a pmcmd command which can be either manually executed or called from an another Workflow session command task where you give your pmcmd command and would look something like this for Windows,

      pmcmd starttask -sv MyIntService -d MyDomain -uv USERNAME -pv PASSWORD -f FLD_Name east -w wSalesAvg -paramfile “$PMRootDir\myfile.txt” Session_Nm

      Where Session_Nm refers to your session in any workflow and also to add to this we can run the session with any param file that you wish to which might be different from what you have defined to it’s original Workflow where the session is been created or added.

      Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more clarifications.

      Mahaveer Singh.

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