Update Override, why? where? when?

March 2, 2013

A little light on Update Over ride and its use:

We have a an Update strategy transformation to perform any kind of update on the target table, then what is it all abot the usage of Update over ride in a target.

Before we can jump into our topic, for all those who are new to Update startegy -> Update startegy transformation is something that can help you in updating your target table with the new values on the basis of the Primary key match.
Making it simple,”UPDATE tableA set ColumnA = New_Val Where Primary_Key matches”

So now lets take up the use of Update Over ride option, as i was going through this particular scenario i had to Update my Target table with the new values, but not for the Primary Key Column. Rather i was in a position where i had to update the table on the equation of non Primary key column.

As an instance, i had to update the salary of Employees of country Australia. WHere as in my table i do not have the Country column as a Primary key (Employee_ID shall be a Prmary key here). We got to update this!! but how?

Then comes the use of having Update over ride, where i have to lookinto the Properties of my targe table. There we have the “Update Override”. SImple on we have the expression or the Update query to be written as one below,

SET Employee_ID = :TU.Employee_ID, Country = :TU.Country, Salary = :TU.Salary
–Here is where you add condition of check on basis of Non Primary key
Country = ‘AUSTRALIA’

And this shall update the records with the new records (changed salary) that have the country = ‘Australia’. SO this is where the Update Override comes as a help in hand.

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