Informatica – Registering a Power Exchange plugin

July 29, 2016

Hello all.. it’s been a very long time since i had come up with a post on my blog. Finally decided to push myself to get one simple post to have it kick started. So giving a simple post which i believe helps more and keeps me going with sharing more and more.

This post of mine shall cover an activity of administration on top of Informatica installation and more in specific to Power Center and Power Exchange. A recent activity in my assignment where we have had a recent Upgrade applied on the existing version of Informatica from 9.1.0 HF6 to 9.6.1 HF4. And so i had some really good experience and would like to bring them all to every one of you with a  hope it helps few of us. I would cover a series of posts to cover all my experience and knowledge on this.

To start with, installing/configuring Plugins on a new installation or on a Upgraded version of your Informatica. When you install Informatica you either have some Native/in-built plugins or you will be forced to install some of them as external plugins which are again provided by Informatica.

For instance i had to install new version of Power Exchange for SAP and Essbase connectors to my Power Center Upgraded version of 9.6.1.

Step -1:

Install the version of Power Exchange setup that can be downloaded with help of Informatica’s GCS team. This shall be a regular installation setup which shall place the respective .xml for the Power Exchange plugin on your installation folder path of Informatica server – <Installation-folder>/9.6.1/server/bin


Logon to your Admin console and on your Repository settings, change the Operating mode from ‘Normal’ to ‘Exclusive’. Allows no user to access the Repository while your admin activity is carried out.

Step -3:

Registering Plugin through Admin console

This is pretty much a straight forward method, where you login to the Administrator of your Informatica with the right access.

Then on the Repository settings, at the right most pane on the ‘Plugin’ tab, would show up an empty page if you have had no other plugin installed. Click on the Plugin icon/symbol on the right top of the pane as shown below –


Then comes the pop up to allow you browse your plugin which should be on your Server/bin/ path as said earlier. Select and continue on with the right authorized user to complete your registration of the Plugin.


Register Plugin through Command line

This again would require bring your Repository to ‘Exclusive’ mode and then logging on to your Server machine.

To start with open your pmrep executable available at the server/bin, and connect using the administrative account and this shall have a syntax as below –

pmrep connect -r REP_name -d DOM_name -n Administrator -x admin_password

This shall successful connect your repository as Administrator.

Find .xml in the following directory: $INFA_HOME\server\bin\Plugin which would come up after your earlier Power Exchange installation. And now you can execute the RegisterPlugin command with the reference to your plugin.xml file,

pmrep registerplugin -i <$INFA_HOME\server\bin\Plugin\plugin_file.xml –e –N.

where ‘-e’ will be used in case where you want your registering has to update on top of an older version of the same plugin (you could see the same as checkbox when you did through admin console).

And ‘-N’ is required when you either install it on an already existing Repository and has just been upgraded, or if the Power Center already comprises the Plugin and only needs a registering or if you are registering an already existing plugin just to get the additional feature from a new version/upgrade of the plugin.


This shall successfully register your already installed plugin successfully and let you avail the feature of the respective Power Exchange connectivity.

Hope this helps, happy learning and sharing all.. 🙂



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  1. mahameena Says:

    nice blog too informative. looking and reading your points its so impressive. doing more blog like this. i really appreciated doing like this.

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