This is a simple question you can answer…. but have you ever wondered why do i ask this… I am a big addict of tea… My day goes on good with tea. You might have heard of drug addicts, same is the case here.. The day seems to be at the worst edge when i dont get that little cup of tea… Is it an addiction that might cost as the other addictions??? I often get this question in my mind… but only till the TEA is served… :) The tea of different flavors does adds to its delicacy :) The best thing about Tea is it gives time for you to sit with people.. which may be your friends or family… That’s a great thing.. right??

My best tea moments are those with my college friends.. The small cup takes long laps to get over… As its filled with all chit-chats, jokes, gossips, tease, fun, love and everything that keeps you happy :) Hope now no one says NO to tea. Dont miss your Tea or you will lose a big part of your happy life.. :) last but not the least.. the Special Tea.. Hmmm.. hope you got me… the Tea with your life partner :) :) may be the best one and most beautiful one ever in life :) Though I have never had that I could very well predict its value and its importance#@#.. but hope the day comes soon :) :)

And wish every one get all these happy TEA moments :)


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