After a loooong time finally trying my hands on Photoshop . Just encountered a tutorial on creating a guitar illustration  Great week end spent doing something really good. This was the final result that i have got..

Adding up a step by step view till the end result:

Adding up some wood and shadow to the body,

Let me just make the body look more real like adding up the sound hole,

Now I am to make the Fret Board,

and now the Headstock,

adding up the Pegheads and Nuts (got these good and more realistic)

Time to add up on the Body, just getting the saddle and the Bridge done..

Then finally the strings to make the noise all the way,

The base came good and let me show a closer view of it,

the best part was the PEG tuners that have really came very realistic.. (Right click -> open in new tab, and have closer and clear look), is that not 3D looking 😉

Courtesy –  for the great tutorial. Thanks for the tutorial that helped me do this 🙂

Any one if require the source(PSD) please lemme know your mail address.

Thanks 🙂


There have been couple of instances were i have designed posters for my friend’s team anniversary celebration at office as a part of their annual magazine release. Thankful to them for this opportunity to show case my interest and creativity.

This was the poster as designed for the 1st anniversay celebration:

Then follows the poster that was designed as per the need for the second year of anniversary celebration:

All your comments and feed backs are welcome and shall be a great source of learning.

I have just come out with a simple, clean and elegant design to show case the portfolio of a multimedia studio.

Home Page

Content Page

Portfolio Page

Contact Page

Comments and feed backs are welcome.

Creating a glow button-

October 18, 2009

This must be a very basic requirement for having some fancy button designs for your website.. therefore let us just jump in to this tutorial and kick start with our goal of achieving the button glow..

After opening in your Photoshop press “ctrl + N”… go with the default settings for the new file and name it as per your need, here I have named it as button_glow..


Then use the rounded rectangular shape tool and create a shape as is shown below..


Now as the shape created, just add a new layer named “gradient”,

you can add a new layer from the layer menu option..


Then with the gradient layer selected, use the gradient tool and with the “foreground to transparent” gradient type… where the foreground color has to be set to white and apply the gradient over the shape..

Then just press Ctrl and select the shape layer by clicking on it with the left mouse button which will select the shape wholly..

Now the next step is to select the eclipse marquee tool and make a selection as below, this selection can be made by holding the Alt key and making an ellipse as per your need..


Then you must get a selected portion as the one above. The next step is to right click on the shape and you get a menu pallet from where you have to select the “feather” option.


Then a small window appears, where you have to set the radius value at around 15. Finally select the gradient tool again with the same type of gradient as used previously and apply it straight away..

So we finally arrive at our requirement of a glowing button as is shown below..


Then as per your need just add the text to form the real menu buttons..

as the one I have done below…


Smoothening Of The Edges In PhotoShop:

This can be done in a very simple way and with very little number of steps, as is shown below…

To start with give ctrl + N, this is to open a new psd document.. U can take any size as per ur need.. here I have taken a  default photoshop file of size 454px x 340px.. and have named it “myshape” as is shown below..


Now make a shape as per your requirement.. I have created the shape as below…


As u can see.. the edges of this shape is very rough and are to be made soft edges.. so lets do it right away…

To begin this, first select our shape by pressing “ctrl” key on your keyboard and click on the shape layer with the left mouse button. Then next we need to add a layer mask to it. This can be done by selecting the “add layer mask” present below the layers tray..


Deselect the layer by pressing ctrl + D,

Now on the menu bar select filter–> blur –> Gaussian blur option.. this opens a window where set the blur value as per your need and shape. I have used a radius value of 3px as is shown below..


Now we need to make our layer mask visible.. to do this hold the “Alt” key and select the mask layer by clicking your left mouse button on it.. this will make your space look like this,


Now comes this real task.. to smoothen it, simply select from the menu option- image–>adjustments–>levels.. then make the three small triangles to be adjusted as per our smoothening level as i have done below..


Then just click on the shape layer.. And finally u can see the edges being very smooth and this is what we wanted as our final output..


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