Sathyameva Jayathe.. Starting with more hype and with a bigger stage than any ordinary reality show, Aamir being one of the reasons for the show been given more of an highlight. I was no were interested and expecting it to create all the stupid drama and all that emotional athyachars that our Indian audience are addicted to.

The episode was to begin on a un usual time of 11 noon on a sunday!! Promises to take the television reality to a new dimension?? Oh god with this much of expectation and highlight, will this be a worth of watching. Nevertheless i was as usual keeping my self away from TV as a usual Webmaniac.

Then to an extenct i had to take few glimpse of this show as all at home were watching. It was been played on DD National TV, on Star Plus.. And that was impressive!! I loved the way Aaamir just took up the show, the way he interacted with people. Now this was a clean reality show, bringing our national reality in the right way. Nothig was too much and nothing was too less.
The message was given in the right context and right way. People should take the show more serious and act to the anti social elements being highighted on the show.

Reminds me of Aaamir’s Rang de Basanti that was trying to make the youths of today to be responsible to their duties towards the nation, and here again Aaamir wears the same boots to make every indian of every age to know what is going bad in our system. Finally he says, there is a solution to this anti social element – “aur woh jadoo ki chadi mai aur aap ho..” means to say that we are the magic wand that can make the change, a magical change and its very much possible. Positive note to end the show.

Good job Aaamir, hope this shows improves even better and takes the right message to each and every indian to make a change. Sathyameva Jayathe..


Its been long since i have posted something on design. Hard to stay away from design 🙂

Let me share some really good web designs to inspire. Do not miss to scroll from top till bottom. These web designs below have got really cool footers that have got the best creative works all around the planet.










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