How to get rid of the boonex footer in the bottom

its very simple.. search for the file named “_sub_footer.htm” in the folder directory templtes -> base.
then you can find the code of statement there


replace this with

“<p style=”visibility:hidden; height:0px;”> __boonex_footers__ </p>”

then go back to your admin panel and make the cache clean for once…

and now finally hit your F5 and refresh your page… ta..ta..da… and there we have our footer less page that has no boonex link to it 🙂

warning note: its strictly advised that please do not use this for your boonex site when you take it online. Let this just be a play of cracking boonex, must not be used on your live boonex site as it is illeagal and also not a good ethic.

all your comments are welcome 🙂

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