This can be a bit interesting thing that you can go for while adding an Index as required for your update session. As per our practice for better performance in our Informatica we prefer adding an index to be created while performing the dtata load. This is usually achieved through adding of an Index in the Pre SQL in the Target transformation (before loading into the target table) and then finally dropping the same Index with the one defined in Post SQL of our target transformation.

This was all going good with the index creating, session succeeding and finally the Index dropping after target loading. But then i face one scenario, where my target load fails of some reason, here the session completes with no execution of Post SQL, that is the index is not dropped. Well then when i executed the same session all again, to my surprise it Fails, showing the Index aloready exists!! Well well that was all because my index that was created in the last run was not dropped in the last time failed run.

Hmmm.. this is a interesting scenario and requires a permanent solution rather than a human intervention to drop the index every time the session fails. Then on my team mate’s advice i was able to give a stop to this issue by a simple SQL query which first checks for the availability of the index and then goes for creating or dropping before the Creation. The Pre SQL then shall look something like below,

(SELECT name FROM sysindexes WHERE name = ‘index_update’)
Drop index [index_update] on [Sample_Table]

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [index_update] ON [Sample_Table]
( [Column_Name] )

 Looks simple, but a very crucial one to have a smooth going to your workflow running. And as usual keep the Drop index as normal in the Post SQL,

Drop index [index_update] on [Sample_Table]

Thanks for a read, Just share with others as this may help someone.. as i did 🙂

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