This was interesting, today when i was at office my senior just showed me
this funny feature that google has added as one of its creative crisps.

Just like to share it with all of you. Its interesting and really good to
give a try. Just get to the google search page and type this text “Let it
snow” πŸ™‚ hope you enjoy the aftermath.

Just it gives an awesome search page with the snow coming down and
gradually our monitors freezing down, this is really cool. This desrves
appreciation and definitely something different than the usual google
doodles that google has been doing day out and day in.

Thanks for reading, share it with others πŸ™‚


GooglE as GMMXLE??!!??

December 31, 2010

Google home page as on 31st December 2010,

Now my first reaction to this was “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!!”, looks like some one has hacked the!!!! Though that is not possible even in your fictious dreams.

So i was taken aback for a moment, then with a chillax i was observing at the logo as i am sure as usual these guys(Google) are playing with their logo to track more attention. Yup so that is what they have done. My low IQ could not get to what exactly its all about.

Now so i got to know through the online sources, that the “GMMXLE” was a peculiar way of Google welcoming the new year 2011. Why “GMMXLE”? Look out, here between G and E, we have XXLE which in roman does refers to 2011. That is awesome πŸ™‚ is it not??

Have you ever spent more than a minute on google home page?? Majority of them might only say – “NAA”.. SO these guys put in their creativity with some gray cells and just make people to stay on and make you feel that, “Google” is the internet giant. Amazing way, is n’t it? I just loved the way the guys have shown up and have caught plenty of attention compared all the previous attempts.

Great work guys.

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