Hello all.. This post is a result of all my excitement after getting the Informatica installed on my PC after multiple times of install and uninstall attempts and wish to share with you all and make sure you get it done as I did. I am to explain the whole sequence of steps that we are to follow in getting the Informatica installed successfully on the Windows7. Here I have installed the Informatica 8.6.0 version.

Important Note: Make sure you set all things before you begin the installation. For this refer to my previous post – http://bit.ly/QggXmF

If you are done with the above, let’s start the installation right away, Click and run the install.exe (good to run as an administartor).

This shall start the Informatica Installation wizard as is seen in the below screen shot,

And now we are to give the License Key, this shall be mostly available in your Informatica Software folder location – D:\Softwares\Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.0 for Windows 32Bit\. Select the key file available ‘Oracle_All_OS_Prod.key’ and give a next.

Select the Folder location where you wish to install the Informatica, I cose the drive ‘D:’

Next comes the HTTPS Configuration. I prefer having it default and proceed with the installation

If there is a block on by your Firewall, simply give an Allow with the both options checked to allow the Informatica application. And thus the Installation shall begin.

Go for the ‘Create a New Domain’

Then comes the Database settings, I had a SQL Server as my Database and all the settings were given as per the installed Database. Don not make any change on the Custom String option, and ensyre the right Database setting by having a ‘Test Connection’.

Then comes the Domain settings, let these remain the default. All we need to do is to set a password here for the admin user.

Just have a check on the Advance Configuration and do not make any change and proceed with the installation.

And here we are done with the Domain configured, Finally the step to create user with Password set.

This will complete the whole installation and we are perfectly done with a successful installation of the Informatica server, DO also copy the information that appears on the final screen of installation wizard for future use and reference. One final check after the install on the Informatica services running:

Right click on MyComputer -> Manage (Computer Management), and under Services and Applications click on Services, look for the ‘Informatica Services’ and ‘Informatica Orchestration Server’, both the  services should be up with the status being Started.

Hope this helps you all. Share as this might help some one 🙂

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