Smoothening Of The Edges In PhotoShop:

This can be done in a very simple way and with very little number of steps, as is shown below…

To start with give ctrl + N, this is to open a new psd document.. U can take any size as per ur need.. here I have taken a  default photoshop file of size 454px x 340px.. and have named it “myshape” as is shown below..


Now make a shape as per your requirement.. I have created the shape as below…


As u can see.. the edges of this shape is very rough and are to be made soft edges.. so lets do it right away…

To begin this, first select our shape by pressing “ctrl” key on your keyboard and click on the shape layer with the left mouse button. Then next we need to add a layer mask to it. This can be done by selecting the “add layer mask” present below the layers tray..


Deselect the layer by pressing ctrl + D,

Now on the menu bar select filter–> blur –> Gaussian blur option.. this opens a window where set the blur value as per your need and shape. I have used a radius value of 3px as is shown below..


Now we need to make our layer mask visible.. to do this hold the “Alt” key and select the mask layer by clicking your left mouse button on it.. this will make your space look like this,


Now comes this real task.. to smoothen it, simply select from the menu option- image–>adjustments–>levels.. then make the three small triangles to be adjusted as per our smoothening level as i have done below..


Then just click on the shape layer.. And finally u can see the edges being very smooth and this is what we wanted as our final output..


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