walking17 This is a very common factor.. change in life.Β  Life means change and it is made from such changes.. I have had a lot of it. There has been quite few times i felt it changed a lot. These changes does makes us grow, learn and get stronger. My very first change that made me feel it was after my class 10, where i had to shift to a new school for my high school education. It was here after that i had been in a different atmosphere and completely amongst new set of people. Things got little more serious in life.. realised what really life has got for me. Also it was high time i realise my responsibility….. so literally it was like a big big change…

So what was next waiting in for me in life???? Here comes my next big roller coaster πŸ™‚ My college life.. πŸ™‚ one of the best and sweetest part of life. This part had lot to teach and lot to give to life. Wonderful days where those in my life. All those class rooms, canteen, Labs.. loved everything and enjoyed every part of it… Also had lot and lots of experience about life and people. Also takes you to situations that makes you feel bad and hard.. but after all these you learn what life is πŸ™‚ There where everything in this part of life with every single thing other than studies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

And finally there is again this big place where i am in now. Now is my change from a student to an employee or a work person. I miss all those days that i have spent all through my student life. Now i am in a profession which i like it and makes me feel passionate that keeps me happy and tagged in πŸ™‚ which does n’t happen for all. From here its hard you spend time for your own self and there stays the challenge of getting tight with all your loved ones πŸ™‚

So what do you feel about your changes??? Is it that easy to go through them??? What way you handle it all??

And the last question… What way you keep your loved ones tied despite of your busy life???


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